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Plastic foam products made of expanded polystyrene (EPS)
are amongst the top 10 items of marine litter found on European beach litter surveys.

We are OceanWise, a project looking for solutions to reduce this type of marine litter.
We want to keep EPS away from the marine environment.

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Priority Industries, Products & Applications

Fishing industry (Fisheries, Aquaculture, Sea-food)

Food goods industry (Distribution, Supermarket chains, e.g. vegetables, fish, meat, fruit)

Consumer goods (appliances)

Outdoor festivals and Tourism




Using Fungi to Replace Styrofoam

. Ikea plans mushroom-based packaging as eco-friendly replacement for polystyrene 24 February 2016Source: The TelegraphThemes: Alternative materials Ikea plans to use packaging made with mushrooms

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Food goods industry

Food goods industry (Distribution industry, supermarket chains, e.g. vegetables, fish, meat, fruit): food packaging, such as egg cartons, take-out food packaging, tea and coffee cups, lids, food trays, plates, bowls.

Fishing industry

Fishing industry (fisheries, aquaculture and seafood): fish boxes, seafood boxes

Consumer goods industry

Consumer goods industry (appliances): electronics, mainly home appliances such as audio systems.

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  • OceanWise deals with marine litter in a circular economy perspective. It is focused exclusively on expanded polystyrene (EPS ) products and applications with a likelihood to become marine litter. OceanWise wants to approach this issue with a wide-view angle, by putting together a multi-sectoral platform to include Governmental bodies responsible for marine environment management, Industry and other stakeholders, waste management authorities, designers, circular economy modellers, I&D specialists in participatory processes, and end-users. EPS is short for expanded polystyrene, commonly known as plastic foams, and called styrofoam in the U.S.


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The OceanWise project is co-financed by
the European Regional Development Fund
through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme