Meetings with Stakeholders

The OceanWise team is organizing meetings with Stakeholders. We are now running the 2nd set of meetings which are helping us refine the project's targeted actions: we have met already with the stakeholders group in Lisbon (October 2019) and Lorient (November 2019) and will soon meet with stakeholders from Ireland, Spain and
The 1st very productive participatory sessions took place between March and July 2019 in Lisbon, Vigo, London, Dublin, and Lorient.
See the first results of this dialogue with the Industry and all others very relevant Stakeholders on this page .

1st set of meetings with stakeholders

2nd set of meetings with stakeholders

What the Stakeholders are saying - Results from 1st workshops

Presentations from the Lisbon meeting (march 7, 2019)

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  • OceanWise deals with marine litter in a circular economy perspective. It is focused exclusively on foamed polystyrene plastic (i.e. EPS and XPS ) products and applications with a likelihood to become marine litter. OceanWise wants to approach this issue with a wide-view angle, by putting together a multi-sectoral platform to include Governmental bodies responsible for marine environment management, Industry and other stakeholders, waste management authorities, designers, circular economy modellers, I&D specialists in participatory processes, and end-users. EPS is short for expanded polystyrene, commonly known as plastic foam or styrofoam. XPS is another type of expanded polystyrene material.


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