OceanWise Stakeholders meeting in London

27 MARCH 2019

The third participatory session of the OceanWise project took place in London on march 27th. 16 stakeholders got together for a full afternoon of debate in search for solutions to make the EPS and XPS products less of a risk to the marine environment. 

The participants included EPS manufacturers, the British Plastics Federation, Seafood retail companies, alternatives to fish boxes, Marine litter policy, Governmental organisations and Waste policy entities.

Organized by Cefas, which is one of the partners to the project, this participated session resulted in a whole set of proposals, concerns and ideas which the stakeholders agreed to and which will now  integrate the OceanWise process. 


The most highlighted topics by the stakeholders in London were: Regulation, Investment on Infrastrucutres, Innivation, Education, and Environmental protection.


Know more:

This workshop is part of a series of international meetings that will take place throughout the year 2019, aiming to capture the active participation of the sectors that influence the complex problem of the loss of products discarded to the sea. The next meeting will take place in Dublin, on May 30th. 

The project aims to propose updates of public policies and new good practices to be adopted by Industry.

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