Bioplastics Workshop


In recent times a new generation of biodegradable (compostable) plastics has been added to the traditional ranges of petroleum-derived plastics, representing an advance and an alternative in the sustainability of these materials. However, the current systems for the collection, management and segregation of their waste are designed for the former, and considering that a rigorous separation of waste of both types is absolutely necessary to guarantee a subsequent recovery, their coexistence and the lack of means and adequate management systems could hinder the use of biodegradable plastics on the market.

This Workshop focused on this problem and aimed to capture and identify feasible ideas that provide concrete solutions. The OCEANWISE project under which this event is organized, has as one of its priorities the intense dialogue with companies and entities linked to this sector of activity, thereby seeking to identify opportunities, formulas and ideas that help avoid the environmental effect of abandoned EPS / XPS waste and promote its recycling and recovery.