Building Action

We believe that dialogue and the Exchange of experiences and knowledge are the path for the change. That is why OCEANWISE has been promoting “Dialogue Living Labs” with the various stakeholders, with workshops held in each of the partner countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. These give stakeholders the opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of various people in different countries to study ways to fulfill the project’s objectives.

The result of these workshops are explained in the document “BUILDING ACTION TO ADDRESS THE EPS / XPS PRESENCE IN THE OCEAN” and presents a discussion on possible tangible alternatives to the EPS / XPS. The idea is that new and better practices will emerge from here in the sectors of use, manufacture and recycling of these materials, based on resource efficiency, participatory methods and principles of the Circular Economy.


The were the specific objectives of these meetings:

Identify EPS/XPS products and their source that are more likely to reach the marine environment and impact on its ecosystems; 

Propose and test plausible options (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover) to achieve  better environmental outcomes within different sectors; 

Engage producer and designer communities on the sustainability of specific  applications and to explore more circular models; 

Develop CE-oriented methodologies to assess new opportunities, barriers and  policy options. 

You can read the results of each one of the country workshops report in this document.